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Advanced Technologies

Circular Disc Reverse Osmosis (CDRO) Systems

Reverse Osmosis Technology with spiral wound membrane is repeatedly unsuccessful in effluent and wastewater treatment due to scaling and fouling of membranes. Membranes need vast pre-treatment solutions for the removal of suspended & biological matter, COD, BOD and other colloidal particles.

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Polymeric Film Evaporation Technology

Evaporation is the simplest efficient way for desalination of wastewaters. But due to very high operating costs this technology application was restricted to limited cases. Conservation of energy is one major parameter in the design of an evaporator system.

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Membrane Bio Reactor is a combination of activated sludge biological process with a physical separation using membranes which are submerged into tank. This bioreactor incorporates activated sludge process and micro or ultrafiltration clarification based on membrane technology which produces treated water quality that can be utilized to reuse/recycle.

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