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De – alkalizer

Principle :

A dealkalizer is similar in respect to softener . Softener is regenerated with salt and in Dealkalizers we have two tanks. First one is a regular softener, containing cationic resin and the second tank contains anionic resin . which is also regenerated with salt. While regeneration of the second tank, the chloride content in the sodium chloride (salt) brine attaches to the anionic resin and helps in removing the alkalinity that was being held by the resin. (HCO3-) Alkalinity ions are bicarbonate carbonate (CO3–), and/or hydroxide (OH-).

Objective :

This technology is used as pre- treatment for boliers and are usually preceded by a water softener.
Alkalinity is the major cause to boiler blowdown higher the alkalit higher the chances of boiler foaming and causes higher amount of boiler blowoff When alkalinity is the limiting factor affecting the amount of blow down, dealkalizer will increase the cycles of concentrations and reduce blow down and operating costs.

It helps in :
  • TSS removal
  • Iron reduction
Material of construction available:
  • SS316 L
  • FRP
Salient features :
  • All component are of proven quality complying with highest quality of media in Compliance with ASME standards

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De – alkalizer

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