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DG system

Principle :

Based on Henry’s law , at a certain temperature and the pressure of water dissolved in a certain amount of gas pressure when the temperature increases or decreases, the amount of gas dissolved in the water reduction ; the contrary, when the temperature decreases or pressure increases , the water will increase the amount of dissolved gas . Without changing the temperature and pressure in the case , a vacuum is generated by the device , the water free and dissolved gases released , and then discharged from the system through the automatic vent valve . Degassed water and then into the system , these low water -containing gas is saturated with water , a high degree of absorption of the gas , the gas absorption system will seek stable , and so on , all of the water so that the gas removal system.

Objective :
  • This technology is used to remove physical impurities before it enters into main treatment plant RO/DM plant
It helps in :
  • TSS removal
  • Iron reduction
Type :
  • SS316 L
  • FRP
Salient features :
  • All component are of proven quality complying with highest quality of media in Compliance with ASME standards

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DG system

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