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EDI Technology

Principle :

EDI TECHNOLOGY is a water treatment innovation that uses power, ion exchange membranes and resin to deionize water and separate disintegrated particles from water. It varies from other water sanitization advancements in that it is done without the utilization of compound medications and is generally a cleaning treatment to switch osmosis (RO). There are some EDI units that are frequently mentioned as Continuous Electrodeionisation (CEDI) since the electric current recovers the resin mass constantly.

Objective :
  • This technology is used to remove physical impurities before it enters into main treatment plant RO/DM plant
It helps in :
  • TSS removal
  • Iron reduction
Type :
  • SS316 L
  • FRP
Salient features :
  • All component are of proven quality complying with highest quality of media in Compliance with ASME standards

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EDI Technology

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