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Electro Chlorination

Principle :

The product of this process, sodium hypochlorite, contains 0.7% to 1% chlorine. Anything below the concentration of 1% chlorine is considered a non-hazardous chemical although still a very effective disinfectant. In addition, the sodium hypochlorite produced is in the pH range of 6-7.5. This means that the chemical is relatively neutral in regards to acidity or baseness. Also,
at that pH range, the sodium hypochlorite is extremely stable and the electro
chlorination extremely effective

Objective :

This technology is used for Waste Water Disinfection Cooling tower water treatment Industrial process water treatment

  • Potable water disinfection
  • Final disinfection
  • Re-chlorination/mains water booster chlorination
  • Iron & Manganese removal
  • Chlorination
Material of construction available :
  • FRP
Salient features :
  • All component are of proven quality complying with highest quality of media in Compliance with ASME standards
  • Excellent performance gurantee

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Electro Chlorination

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