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Membrane Bio Reactor is a combination of activated sludge biological process with a physical separation using membranes which are submerged into tank. This bioreactor incorporates activated sludge process and micro or ultrafiltration clarification based on membrane technology which produces treated water quality that can be utilized to reuse/recycle.

Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR):
  • This procedure relates an organic treatment utilizing initiated sludge with a physical division treatment utilizing submerged layers (rather than optional clarifier).
  • Combined treatment consists of relating a few phases of treatment in bundle units called membrane bioreactors (MBRs). These bioreactors consolidate initiated sludge organic treatment and ultrafiltration-layer elucidation to create effusive that can be released into sensitive regions or re-utilized.
IIECL provides all types of membranes (Hollow Fiber, Flat Sheet and External Pressurized) as per solution requirement and on customer demand.
  • Stimulated sludge with absorbed membranes
  • Over 97% of COD and BOD5 deduction
  • Over 99% of postponed solid deduction
  • compact design
  • high class treated water (discharge into environmentally sensitive areas)
  • treatment of extremely focused wastes
  • substantial decrease of biodegradable COD
  • Water reclamation: reprocessing for usefulness, boiler-feed, procedure water…
  • intensification in treatment capability
  • upgrading/restoration of remaining facilities

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